Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge


The Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge (CCDC) in conjunction with Check Point Software Technologies Inc. and CIPS are pleased to announce a scholarship for participants of the 2019 CCDC event.

The CCDC with its event develops student's awareness and understanding of cyber security fundamentals. The goal of the program is to educate and empower the students to use the Internet safely and securely. We also hope to introduce them to the capabilities of cyber technology in protecting individual and organizations, the networks they connect to, and Canada's shared digital assets.

Our vision is to see that every student in Canada has the appropriate knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions regarding the safe use of information technology (IT) and security. We do this by making sure that education and training opportunities are available for any student that has the desire to further expand and explore that knowledge in post-secondary education and career choices.

To help meet these goals, up to three(3) $500 scholarships are being offered to participants of this year's event.

Am I Eligibile?

To apply, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduating from an accredited high school this academic year (2019)
  • Participating in this year's Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge (CCDC)
  • Must be enrolling in a post secondary STEM degree/certificate program at an accredited institution for the fall 2019 term.

To Apply:

To apply for the Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge scholarship we require you to submit a cover letter, essay, and a transcript (including interim marks for the current term) of your marks as provided by your high school.

Cover letter must include:

  •     Name
  •     Address
  •     Phone number
  •     E-mail address
  •     (if known) which school you have been accepted to for next year
  •     A short paragraph on why you should be selected.

A short ~500 word essay that describes the following:

  •     Your participation in the Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge 2019 event
  •     Your involvement in at least one voluntary activity/conference event
  •     Describe how these events collectively furthered your interest and awareness in a professional career and/or field of post-secondary study and/or industry. 

Submit in either MS Word or PDF format, with a copy of your transcript (including interim marks for the current term) via e-mail to:

Due date is May 13, 2019