Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge

About Us

Who we are

A Canadian not-for-profit organization that is entirely operated and managed by a volunteer team of senior ICT professionals and education volunteers who have contributed their talents, experience, and passion to a bold initiative aimed at increasing Canadian youth interest in the challenging and ever-evolving industry of ICT technology.

What we do

We provide a hands-on cyber security simulation competition so students can apply their knowledge in a practical online network environment. Participants learn how to practically prevent cyber-attacks in their work organization.

Why we do it

Our vision is that each and every student in the school system has the appropriate knowledge required to make empowered decisions regarding the safe use of information technology (IT) and security. We want to raise awareness of the education and training opportunities that are available for any student that has the desire to expand and explore their knowledge via post-secondary education and career choices.

Our Story

The CCDC began in 2011 as a pilot program consisting of eight teams from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre, Sisler High School, Tec Voc, Glen Lawn Collegiate, and Garden Valley High School from Winkler, Manitoba. Since then, the CCDC successfully delivered a series of challenge event competitions while experiencing growing interest within Manitoba school divisions to participate.

In the spring of 2012, two Manitoba high school teams were invited to attend the Cyber Patriot games in the United States, which is a competition created by the Air Force Association (AFA). Both participating Manitoba teams performed exceptionally well and finished (unofficially) second and fourth out of the top 24 American regional winners they competed against. In 2013 and 2014, CDC competition events were held, investments in the CDC emulation technology platform were made, and the excitement grew amongst high school students and teachers.

Since then, the CCDC has successfully delivered five challenge event competitions and several hands-on workshops to over 300 students while experiencing a growing interest amongst Manitoba schools and divisions to engage. The 2018 challenge will be the largest competition event to-date.


Our mission is to foster communication between academia and the information technology industry. This is done by:

  • Working with the IT security industry in the creation of standards for learning, which will enable high quality IT security education to be delivered anytime and anywhere learners require.
  • Disseminating the latest IT security best practices to students and industry.
  • Providing real world hands-on training in an educational learning environment by bringing together technology, instructors, students and vendors.

Board Members

The CCDC committee is a not-for-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers who receive no remuneration for the efforts. This year’s committee, listed in alphabetical order, is comprised of:

  • Adriano Magnifico
  • Angela Carfrae
  • Colin Domansky
  • David Dyck
  • Derek Richard
  • Jared Bater
  • Kerry Augustine
  • Mike Himbeault
  • Nathan Wild
  • Nicole Lameroux
  • Randy Dutka
  • Tony Van
  • Travis Friesen
  • Zdenek Ondracek